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Beautiful Dresses and Shoes for Your Princess

We are a small Danish business with a limited but unique collection of Princess Shoes and Flower Girl Dresses. Because we have initially chosen to focus on the Danish market, most of our pages are in Danish language. The European market will be addresses as soon as possible. If you are interested in our products — retail or wholesale — please let us know.

For your information we rate 1 Euro to 7,5 Danish Kroner.

Pages are made with MS Publisher and therefore optimized for Internet Explorer.

Welcome to our Shop. Please have a closer look at our collection of beautiful Princess Shoes and dresses. There is more to come. Click on the pictures for more information (in Danish)

Telefon: +45 87 540 300 / +45 26 299 300  E-mail:

Art. BS25 — € 33,20

The Princess Shoe

(More colours)

Art. 13D41 — € 39,85

Art. C9802 - € 66,50

Flower Girl Dress

Art. N3144 — € 53,20

Red Dress and Bolero

(more colours)

Art. CH420 — € 33,20

Colourful Slipper

Art. 13D101 - € 39,85

Pink Slipper

Art. N2994 — € 66,50

Light red dress with pink scarf

Art. CB01 — € 26,55

Art. KK01 — € 8,50

Flat Kitty slipper

13D101 — € 39,85

White Slipper

Art. A163 — 33,20

Art. 13D51 — € 39,85

Bronze Slipper

Big Kitty Bag

(yet no link)

White Slipper

Red Slipper

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